Eve Online – T4/T5 Abyssal Space Guide

A Complete Guide (including T4)

This guide contains two SAFE Gila fits (+variations) and how to use them in ALL abyssal types (+tier list). Start with the T4 fit, and right around the time you earn enough for the T5 fit, you should know encounters well enough to run T5s safely.

¯_(ツ)/¯ sup son ¯_(ツ) T4 Shitfit T5 Goodies
Total Cost (Fit + Implants) ~ 3 Bil 10 Bil
ISK/hr Income (Minimum) 300M 750M
Time to full ROI w/o Loss 10 Hours 15 Hours
Failure odds (my real data) 0.00% 0.23%
Run duration (percentile) P90: 6-10min / P99: <14min P90: 8-14min / P99: <19min
Total Damage (in DPS) 993 Cold / 1057 Hot 1001 Cold / 1065 Hot
Sustained Tank (EHP/s) 470 Cold / 634 Hot 1266 Cold / 2280 Hot
Maximum Velocity (m/s) 1865 Cold / 2676 Hot 770 Cold / 1033 Hot
Capacitor (Everything On) 1.7k GJ, ~60% MWD Uptime 3.94k GJ, Stable, Neut Resistant
First, a brief FAQ:
  • « They’re expensive! » – Pick one: (a) 80% chance to lose 1B, (b) 30% chance to lose 2B, (c) 0% chance to lose 3B/10B

  • « Gila killboards! » – You can run T4s of any spawn combination safely, and T5s safely if you know exactly what to do.

  • « Muh lowslotz! » – Mathematics: two C3-Xs + a DDA provide higher total DPS than either three C3-Xs or three DDA’s.

  • « Can I skimp? » – Sure, but don’t blame me for losing your ship – and stick to T3s until you can afford these fittings.

Next up are fittings – let’s start with our T4 shitfit:
r/Eve - 300+ T5 Abyssals, No Losses: A Complete Guide (including T4)
  • Swap Nosferatu for Drone Link Augmentator if your skill-based drone control range is under 40km.

  • Swap an extender for Fed Navy Tracking Link + Speed Script once you know your way around T4s.

Here’s the T5 fit – DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING …expect maybe LM-906/RL-1006 to their -5 ovariants**.** If you already how to run T5s safely in a cheaper fit, this guide is not for you since you’re probably blitzing them in a Sacrilege fit like this one.

r/Eve - 300+ T5 Abyssals, No Losses: A Complete Guide (including T4)

Your missiles should always be Scourge Fury, and your drones Augmented Hammerheads, regardless of resistance penalties (which apply to your ship as well as the NPC’s) because everything has either omni-resist or a kinetic hole (which outweighs the Gila’s bonus, even in firestorm) and the Hammerheads’ base damage multiplier is your new best friend.

From here on out, I will give you the minimum required information to safely run T4s – look up boosters on your own time to prepare for T5s since valid options for these vary wildly based on what abyssal type and strategy you prefer.

T4 Localized Weather Selection Guide:
  • Gamma is an excellent starter. Sure, more NPC shield equals a slower clear – but this Gila fit’s DPS guarantees you will never run up against the timer. The overkill tank Gamma grants to a recharge / extender based fitting gives you enough headroom to make multiple, severe mistakes and still survive as you go through your first few filaments. Even if you let 2-3 BCs ramp their disintegrators to max and get cap neuted to hardener shutdown, you’ll live.

  • Once you’re used to the rat names/types from practicing on Raging Gammas, you can refine your positioning and kill strategy. Exotic further exacerbates the kinetic hole and is #1 on our tier list: it’s the fastest, followed by #2: Electrical. Gamma is #3 on the tier list – while the tank overhead is nice for beginners, it results in slower runs. Firestorm is #4 because the NPCs have more HP, so it’s still slower, but you don’t. Dark is last since your drones hardly hit anything.

Okay, you picked out and bought your first few raging filaments. Here’s what you’ll see inside:
Each abyssal has 3 pockets: each pocket will always have rats, a triglavian cache (where all your loot is – NPCs don’t drop anything), and an exit gate (which unlocks after you’ve killed everything) and may also contain these effects & structures.

T4 Combat Crash Course:

Once you enter the pocket, look for and kite / kill DissipatorNullchargeStarving, and Firewatcher type ships first – these neutralize energy. Next priorities are SpearfisherAnchoringNullwarp types since they scram your MWD. Next targets are Renewing, Plateforger, Fieldweaver (logistics). Dead last are Entangler, Tangling, Snarecaster & Wardens – these web you. Aforementioned are the default priorities, which are abstract. As you practice, it’ll become apparent that which types are present / how many of each there are defines your effective priorities. With an MWD, remember – kiting is good! If you’re not sure what it does, keep it at 23-30km so your missiles can reach but their specials can’t. Treasure your capacitor as your timer since** you convert cap directly into time by using your MWD**.

It’s good practice to wait until your cap & shield are at >80% before gating to the next room: slowboat it to the cache / gate if you messed up and got neuted. Heat your launchers to (1) kill cap neut NPCs and (2) near the end of the room – repair while they reload, and mostly during your cap/shield recharge phase at the end of each room. Your launchers are much better at hitting drones than your drones, so as soon as you take out logistics, split the DPS – drones on Cruisers and up, missiles on Frigates …that’s if you didn’t just kite them into an Automata for free kills …but about that – the kills are never free: kiting into automata consumes time, and you will often find that DPSing shit down while taking the fast route (directly to cache, and then to the gate) will get you to the gate right around the time you kill everything. Except if there’s a battleship. If there is, go orbit it / pulse MWD for regen – they hit hard but their turrets’ track like Helen Keller.

There are many other nuances / non critical pieces of information but if you use the fits described and read this post as well as the links, and start with a Raging Gamma, you will have no problem learning how to be an abyssal baller …so by the time T4/5 filaments start giving suspect timers again, you’ll be all blinged out & ready to contribute to my killmail 😉

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