Migrating VirtualBox .vdi to ProxMox VE | Proxmox Support Forum

Step by Step


  1. Find your VM’s .vdi file – First we need to locate the VirtualBox hard drive (.vdi) file.
    • Open the VirtualBox GUI
    • Click on the VM we want to migrate and click the Settings button
    • Click on Storage and click the .vdi file listed under IDE Controller
    • Mouse over the Hard Disk: dropdown list box and note the path to the .vdi file
  2. Convert the .vdi to .img – Next we need to convert the hard drive to a RAW format for ProxMox
    • On the VirtualBox host open a command prompt
    • Run
      VBoxManage clonehd --format RAW [virtual_harddisk].vdi [virtual_harddisk].img
    • This may take a while so be patient. Go get some coffee.
  3. Create a new ProxMox VM – Next we need to create a Proxmox VM to hold our drive image.
    • Open up the Proxmox web interface
    • Click on Virtual Machines then click the Create tab
    • Leave all of the defaults. My Disk space (GB): was set to 32GB and my original .vdi was 20GB. This seems to have worked OK. I’ll edit if there are problems down the road.
    • Note the VMID: number of your new VM (i.e. « 106 »)
  4. Upload the .img file – now we need to upload the new /img file to the Proxmox server.
    • Start your file transfer softare (wither WinSCP or Filezilla are two good ones).
    • Transfer the .img file to the /var/lib/vz/images/106 folder (replace 106 with the number you noted from the VMID: field
  5. Rename the .img file – now all we need to do is rename the .img file
    • rename the existing .raw file (for instance vm-106-disk-1.raw) to .old
    • rename the .img file to the name of the existing .raw file (for instance vm-106-disk-1.raw)
  6. Boot it up!