With command line FTP, how can I transfer a group of files without typing out all their names?

The FTP get and put commands only transfer single files. To transfer multiple files, you can use the commands mget and mput.

Transferring files from your computer to another

  1. To transfer files to another computer, open an FTP connection to that computer.
  2. To move files from the current directory of your computer, use the mput command.For example, to move files named myfile, mynotes, and mystuff from the current directory of your computer, at the FTP prompt, enter:
     mput my*

    The asterisk (*) is a wildcard that tells FTP to match all files starting with my. You can also use a question mark (?) to match a single letter. To interrupt the series of transfers, press Ctrl-c, and FTP will ask you whether you want to continue.

  3. When prompted, enter y to transfer each file. To turn this feature off, before you begin transferring files, at the FTP prompt, enter:

Transferring files from a different computer to yours

  1. Open an FTP connection to another computer.
  2. To retrieve files, use the mget command.For example, to retrieve files named myfile1, myfile2, and myfile3 from another computer, at the FTP prompt, enter:
     mget myfile?
  3. If prompted, enter y to transfer each file.

If the files you’re transferring are anything other than plain ASCII text files, specify a binary transfer before sending or receiving. To do so, at the FTP prompt, enter:


Transfer files without "Y" to accept transfer.

1)when you are accessing FTP server use -i option which is nothing but interactive way to get files from FTP server, actually this -i option will disable iteractive download of files from server.


	ftp -i server-ip/servername


	#ftp -i

2)This is used when you are middle of the transaction you can use prompt command in ftp mode to get multiple files without any prompt, here is the example and this is for that session